Tuesday, March 27


I have a theory. No, no, don't roll your eyes at me. This is *not* about philosophy or religion. Promise.

I was going to give this long intro with like this amazing analogy and some remarkably subtle word play. Y'know a clever paragraph which would just open your eyes to my amazing intelligence as well as my incredible scope of general knowledge. But I (as usual) underestimated the power of laziness (and also how exhausting moving house can be; there! I have a legit excuse). So: songs are people. That's it. That's my theory. And what's more, I have an exemplary line of defense. (This btw is the new style of this blog. Cut and dried, which is a phrase I always wanted to use but never ever managed to fit into a sentence properly. Also cos it's really hard to get a context where you can say cut and dried and I'm kinda unsure as to whether it's cut and dried or cut and dry or cut and right, and one doesn't want to say one of it and have everyone else stare in incomprehension and so forth. Something tells me I'm losing my c. and d. style already. *sigh*)

Take it Easy : Obviously he's like the chilled out guy whom every girl in high school had a crush on. The one who had at least 3 girlfriends at any point in time. The one with the fast, noisy bike, which every girl wanted a ride on. Without the black leather jacket, the smoking and the sleazy hagged face (that comes later, no?). Ok, maybe with the leather jacket after all.

Wild World : The nice ex. The one who was perfect. The one whom all your gfs envied. The one who thought you were perfect. Who always said the right thing. Who always adjusted his mood to yours. The one whom you dumped, cos let's face it, perfect is boring (besides being awfully intimidating)! But everytime you hear about him from someone else, or when you hear a song that reminds you of him, or turn the TV on and see the re-run of a movie you saw with him, you have to smile.

Sleep : The hot desi guy. Very hard to find. So that when you *do* meet him, you almost can't believe your eyes. No way! you're thinking. The delicious guy who knows how to shake a martini just so, and uses phrases like "social constipation", with that slightest of desi accents. The guy whom you can imagine slipping into.. ummm.. anything with.

Two Steps Behind : The psycho ex. We all know this one. The one who seemed so caring. Who thought about you all the time. Sent you those cute texts the minute you left him saying he missed you. The one who'd let you go out with your gfs on a girl's night out, but would call you every now and then to check on you (that gets old really fast). The one who was so sensitive it was actually sinister. The one it's almost impossible to get outta your head. The one who's always *sigh* two steps behind.

The Great Beyond: Me, 2005.

Wonderwall: The guy with the charming laidback attitude to life. With those irresistible dimples when he smiles. The curly hair that looks like it's never combed. The guy you want to take charge of. Straighten out his life. The one with all the talent that can't be just left to rot. The one with the little boy good looks. The one who gives clueless a good name.

Something about the Way You Look Tonight (I wanted to get the Ella version for it but Youtube seems to draw up a blank :( ) : The Goodbye Again Ingrid Bergman. Seemingly happy and sophisticated but hurt and vulnerable inside. The woman of the world type person. I'm secretly awed by such people. Make me breathless.
(sorry about the shocking typo-it can't even be called a typo- but blame it on the shocking effect of pop culture :)..still couldn't get Ella, but managed a PC, which isn't bad; also realized that I'd written this wrong this morning and came online just to change it-I think I might be addicted to this blog cos I'm *not* obsessive compulsive!!!)

Photographs : The guy who used to smoke in school, just for a gag (I know, I thought about the gag-fag wordplay thing and then decided against it, you'll be happy to know). There were rumors that he did drugs. The immensely popular guy. When his uncle died, some kids in school said *meaningful* things about it. But you never believed any of 'em. Cos he *seemed* like such a nice guy. Always a smile for you. And a word. That made you feel so special. And happy. And made you smile yourself. The one whose now five times bigger, jobless and broke but when you see him at high school reunions and he smiles at you you can still see a little of that charm somewhere wayyyyyyyyy back in his eyes.

Iris : Six words. Your mother warned you about him.

Why Does it Always Rain on Me : Me, now.

See? See, what I mean? They're all people!!! Gimme any song and I'll give you a person (that's a promise, not a threat; even though it remarkably resembles one).

As a bonus, a fun exercise (to see how many of the stellar principles I used in these examples you've actually imbibed). Guess the personality of this one.

(I also have a killer corollary that albums are families - y'know complete with mum-dad-sis-bro-annoying aunt-balding uncle analogies. But that requires more examplification and zere is no time, peoples *looks under the bed frantically for time, that little idiot*.)

Gosh, I'm so glad that I've finally got a theory that I *know* noone will argue with me about (*gulp* Something tells me I shouldn't have said that. Fine, fine! Bring it on *faces the firing squad with grim anticipation*).

Note: To someone who's been asking me for more songs, click on the links :). They're all beauts and I have 'em only on iTunes. Even The Way You Look Tonight (even if you roll your eyes and say "That old song").

Update: Over at the 55s, we've started some Song-55s. Check them out.


Tabula Rasa said...

got any schizo songs?

Heh Heh said...

Nice set of songs. and interesting concept.. but aren't you also using the video input here? As far as that song by strings in concerned: my guess would be a world-traveling outdoorsy person who's warm, yet brooding and unapproachable at the same time, in a been-there-done-that kind of a way.

tr: Though art forgetting 'Brain Damage', a schizo song if ever there was one.. and you don't even need a vid for that.

Heh Heh said...

also, "Medusa"? I noticed for the first time...Huh??

Nath said...

Why Does it Always Rain on Me : Me, now.

You will henceforth be known as 'Rob McKenna'.

Do all songs correspond to people? I wonder if this guy survived past childhood.

Revealed said...

@TR: You want schizo songs??? Hmmmm......

@heh heh: Ty :). No no not using the vids. In face most of 'em the first time I saw the vids was when I was linking to em on youtube. My usually song input is only from the radio not the TV. Which I think kinda increases the validity of my theory cos the vids so many times correlate to the personality that forms in your head when you listen to it. But I think the singer might have some kinda role to play. Though the PC-Ella thing disproves it I think.

Like the Duur persona :). Very much :) :)

As for Medusa, don't get hung up on the sex aspect :).

@nath: Heheheheh. I might actually be honored :). I shall come back to reply to the comment cos I'm horrendously late!!

Tabula Rasa said...

heh heh:
making up personalities on the basis of lyrics is slightly too easy, no?

just trying to make things more interesting.

Heh Heh said...

not hung up on the sex aspect at all.. don't get it.. and as far as i know you added me recently, after the tag-line had changed.

Revealed said...

Ugh just saw all the typos!!! But I really *was* in a hurry this morning. Pliss to excuse.

@tr: Def made it interesting :). I think I'll Be is a slightly schizo song. Cos he interchanges his line with the girl's lines and I never know when he's talking for who!

@heh heh: No, I added you quite a while back. Much b4 your tag line changed. I'm sorry I didn't ask. Again, pliss to excuse.

Revealed said...

@nath: Right. But I wasn't going for McKenna. More like Marvin :D
(cept for the fantabulously intelligent bit :P)

N lol@ the llama song :)

Revealed said...

@all: And isn't the Photographs vid quite ridiculously funny? :D

Renovatio said...

I agree... completely... I also have a song for every relationship... I could release a 4 cd pack now with the 'ex songs'... those songs were a combination of her and me, and all of them got their own song too... Almost everyone I know has their own song... except for this one buddy of mine, I just associate atif aslam with him... every atif aslam song has him in it... maybe it's the droopy-moaney though...

Heh Heh said...

tr: I didn't give much thought to the lyrics actually... More from the feel of the video..

Revealed said...

@renovatio: Don't even get me started on r'ship songs :P. That's a whole different ballgame. One of my gfs and I collect break-up songs. Cos y'know we have the Girl Scouts motto ;). Ya nvr know when u might need one. Current fave is Run :). (though my all time faves are Dangling Conversation and I Don't Know You Anymore).

Tabula Rasa said...

i don't think anything can touch positively 4th street as a breakup song.

Revealed said...

If I was a masterthief
perhaps I'd rob them?

Yeah. But can't beat the dangling conversation. Really can't :)

wiseling said...

he's alone. again. his latest fling didn't work out. again. you wonder why. he is perfect after all. rugged, well travelled, sophisticated, says the right thing at the right time. you know you would be perfect together. and you are. but then he is alone. again. and you don't know why.

Revealed said...

@wiseling: I was thinking along the same lines too :). We should do Song 55s y'know. Would be way cool :)

wiseling said...

@revealed: i was so close too! 51 words, unintentionally! hehe... sure, sounds like a fun idea, i shall let you do the honors :)

Princess Stefania said...

I had a private diary for about three years. And every entry bore the title of a song that fit my mood at the particular time. I really learned something from that.
* Wow. I didn't know there were so many songs.
*Gosh! I didn't know I had so many moods!
Nice piece

n said...

would support this theory with my life, and yea.. i get the point. I'll do some clicking. Tho i do love it when i find a new song in my mail in the morning (broad hint) ;)