Sunday, March 18


He sat marvelling at the precise beauty of the sunrise. The cold winter morning air wheezed out of his lungs condensing into little smoke clouds as he stared at the horizon. The colors bled into the sky. Shades of orange and pink that he didn't even know names for, maybe they had none. He heard the birds pipe up one after the other. The trees swayed gently in the early morning breeze. The dark of the sky was penetrated and swept out with dainty brush strokes. The air became colder as the sun came into view. Not with the blazing warmth of summer but the more distant, offended brightness of winter. She seemed to disdainfully pick up the sweep of her multicolored skirts and hunch her shoulder at the world. "I want nothing to do with you", she seemed to say with a sniff. He felt a sudden burst of happiness in his heart. Promises of adventure. Stirrings of hope. Today, anything was possible. If the sun could step over the earth's horizon with such effortless ease how could anything be too difficult? He would conquer the earth today. He would make himself a better man. He would be worthy of the chirping birds, the chattering squirrels. He would show the world who he was. He stood up, bursting with purpose. Stooping to pick up his ragbag and holding the fluttering tatters of his shirt together against the cold wind, he shuffled off down the street.


Inspissated Gloom said...

Make himself a better man, huh?
Now, how I wish *I* could do that!
(But then again, we all can't be heroes cause someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by! :p)
But I don't wanna clap either! [-(

wiseling said...

love love love it.

wiseling said...

you're not allowed to call yourself a flaffer anymore! :D

maya said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww...i think u r in the wrong profession:) so now u knwo u hv an alt calling in option:)

Confused & Baffled said...

i went jogging early in the morning today. watching the sun rise always does that to me too. except for the rags part.

and today, i saw a solar eclipse! was with a friend, and we just looked and wondered wat this was. coz we didnt know an eclipse was on schedule na. just a teeny weeny partial one. but yay nonetheless.

Revealed said...

@bm: Don't clap don't clap. Don't see why we should clap for those buggers [-(

@Wiseling: Ty. But I'm always a flaffer, see prev post. I seek to confound all visitors to the blog ;)

@maya: Hehehe. I might need an option pretty soon *sigh*

@C&b: It's something about the sun rising. It just takes your breath away. And yayy for your eclipse-watching. (but silent boo for your concert-going!)