Friday, March 30

Seen on Apron: Kiss Ze Artist*****

"Did you put the AAA at 4 degrees?"

I don't look up from my plates, "Dunno."

"It has to be kept dry. Did you remember to put it in the lyophilizer?"

I'm trying to keep the sequence* straight in my head, dammit! "Dunno."

"Revealed**!!!! Would you look up for *one* second?? This is important. Where did you store it? You used it last!"

I throw my hands up in the air dramatically. "I am an artist! I extract DNA out of single cells. I identify gel shifts where other people can see nothing***! I take cells that are so sick that they're almost dead and keep them alive long enough to get the data we need from them. I come up with complicated experiments**** that will help save the world. How am I supposed to remember where the fuck I put the AAA!! I don't, ok?! I'm an artist for Chrissake!!"

"Right. So you forgot."

*Until you've added minute levels of colorless liquids at varying volumes to 50 microtubes you haven't encountered a need for concentration and focus. Sigh.

**OK, so he didn't call me that. But assumptions of anonymity and all that.

***This was when I was accused of seeing Madonna in my blots. Hah! Look who had the last laugh (me, btw, I had the last laugh)

****This is true. I do. So complicated in fact that D.L (my boss) almost always vetoes it on grounds of impracticality. People just don't appreciate my genius.

*****Ok I made that one up. But they should make some like that. Though I have no clue who'd buy them. But still.


Renovatio said...

I took biotech in school... I can't remember a lot of what I did, but I remember this one time we did a column, and this random german delegation was visiting our school, so this seven foot fellow comes and peers over my shoulders just as I've turned on the UV light to see if my dna split into orange fragments, and he goes 'Oooohhh!'
That was my single most memorable biotech experience...

Revealed said...

Yeah, you've gotta love the DNA under UV. That's the single most glamorous thing about genetics really. Everything else looks blah. In fact a comp major friend of mine who was visiting hung out in my lab for a bit and kept saying it looks just like a grocery store :)
(cos of all the fridges and stuff :)

Anonymous said...

It takes all my self restraint not to discuss the efficacy of java and the redundancy of certain programming languages here....

it's a warning you know..DO NOT get geeky on never will know what will hit you;)

Revealed said...

@tmwwt: Ooooh. I'm scared!! :)

Glad ur back :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL. loved it.