Monday, March 19

Misery, Love Thyself

She looked at him and smiled.

"Whatcha smiling for this time?", he asked idly.

"You make me smile", she said. "Just thinking of you makes me smile."

"Yeah, right!" in amused disbelief. He knew this game. "But you know what they say about people who smile too often", he continued, half grinning.

"That they're mad?" she asked.

A vigorous shake of his head.

"They're happy?"

Another negative shake.

"Maybe only mad people are happy anyway." She knew he'd find that as amusing as she did.

He smiled back.

"They're amused too easily?", the third guess always had to be a good one.


"So, tell me already."

"They say people who smile the most are often the saddest. That the smile hides their sorrow and lets them pretend they're happy for just a while."

She smiled wryly. Close enough to home to make her wince.

"But what about the people who're really truly sad and don't smile?" she objected.

"I suppose unabashed wallowing in sorrow comes with it's own special joy, no?".


wiseling said...

thou readest that part of my mind that is ridiculously hard to articulate... very nicely written.. :)

Revealed said...

Ty :). But part credit for the articulation has to go to someone else who came up with one half of this conversation :P

Sunshine said...

Hmm.. I smile quite often. Am I sad too?!!

BTW, 1st :-)

Inspissated Gloom said...

Can't help but smile :)
But then again, maybe its also to do with the fact that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown (or so i'm told!) :)

Anonymous said...

What about people who smile because they are sad that they could not smile?

Inspissated Gloom said...

Oh and have you heard that song that endorses a similar school of thought?
By Jagjit Singh? Have you? /:)

Ph said...

Argh. Don't confuse me.

Revealed said...

@SS: Course not :). Some people are just happy :P

@BM: Or it might have to do with the fact that this conversation strikes a bell :)

@TMWWT: Right! I think they'd have to have a funda all to themselves. Shall bend my powerful intellect to it :D

@BM2: I'm going to say no and then you're gonna yell at me about my bad memory and say you've played it to me before :P

@ph: Now, now. Most visitors to this blog are already confused. That's the only way in which this r'ship can work :D

Cloudy said...

So BM's got a name, and another anon pops up. Who can be just as accurately identified, apparently. Kaushik what say, shall we just give up?

And on the post, I love conversations :) In posts, and in books... in fact, when I'm in the mood to try out a book completely unknown to me I flip through the pages to see if it has adequate conversations!
'tum itna joh muskurarahe ho' I guess is what BM/IG meant...? Have you seen the chewing gum ad where this song's been mercilessly punned?

And, 2nd!

Revealed said...

@cloudy: I'm not sure I accurately ided him :P. He could be some1 else for all I know :D. I love conversations too. But I always read the first para of the book :) to decide.

N i rember that ad!! Wasn't it for some tooth-something? And not chewing gum?

:) said...

my name is a :)

Revealed said...

@ :): So you know better than ne1 what I'm talking about :P