Sunday, March 25

Perspectives VI: Dreams for an Insomniac Part 2

Sudden clouds cut off the silent scream of moonlight. She woke with a start, pulse racing, sweat beading her upper lip. Breathe, she whispered to the night. Darkness rattled around the room, conjuring people from the shadows with a feathery touch. She heard her daughter's soft chuckle from the next room. What is she still doing awake at 2, she wondered. A difficult thirteen she was turning out to be. Things hadn't been easy after the accident. The familiar emptiness inside her flared up for an instant. She sighed. She turned over onto her side. Away from her husband's sleeping body. She tuned her breathing to his, the familiar rhythm providing comfort. Militant thirteen year olds could be dealt with in the morning. Sleep swiftly deluged her in welcome oblivion.

Moonlight emerging from the cloudy ambush swept back through the silent window, menacing her sleeping form. Alone on the otherwise empty bed in a marooned corner of the otherwise almost-empty house, peopled only with shrouded furniture and might-have-beens.

Note: We are nothing if not accommodating. What MT wants MT gets:)


Tabula Rasa said...

part 3 - she's the ghost?
(you heard it here first.)

wiseling said...

i claim first!
will be back with more insight when i am slightly less sleep deprived.

Heh Heh said...


Inspissated Gloom said...

Nothing but accommodating, huh?
Do we have your word for it? /:)

MockTurtle said...

Awww.. you're too sweet

Revealed said...

@tr: She's the ghost it seems :P. Watched one too many bhoot movies complete with white sari-ed rain-walking long-haired women huh? :)

@wiseling: Hehehe. We love insight. Pliss to come back with tons of it :D

@heh heh: A doubtful sentiment, sir. As in it fills us with doubt. What is it supposed to mean?

@BM: Heheh. Let's not pin me down to it :P

@Mt: *blushes*

Inspissated Gloom said...

What do we have?
A Chicken, ladies 'n gentlemen!
A Chicken! :O

Tabula Rasa said...

no, it's just the twist in the white sari. else you have the punchline in the middle of the first paragraph of a two paragraph story.

ps. white sari-ed rain walking? are you sure you don't mean waterfall walking?

Revealed said...

@BM: Yup I confess. I'm a surprisingly articulate chicken (s.a as chickens go that is). :)

@TR: Right :P.

Waterfall-walking ghosts?? :O :O what next? :)

(Rain-walking wasn't right either, wind-walking? Can we settle on that?)