Friday, March 23

Perspectives V: Dreams for an Insomniac

The clock showed 2:01 in urgent red. Panic snatching at her breath. Nightmare-replays. The lonely girl, unwanted, unheeded, curled in the corner of that evil house. She could still taste the bitter-almond smell of neglect in the air. She called him. "I had a nightmare. There's a girl in a house where she isn't wanted. No one loves her." "Babe, it's just a dream." She found her lips curving into a smile at the sleepily calm conviction; reality gingerly tested the waters with a shrinking toe. Anxiety, momentarily vanquished, grimly clawed back over the edge of memory. "But do you think there's a girl somewhere in the world who really feels like that right now? She seemed so sad. And alone." She felt the girl's terror reaching out for her again while he swam through the pause. "But that's not possible. Everyone has someone." That's not true, her brain protested in the instant before reality returned with a splash. Bathed in its warm wave, comfort snuggled back into her bed, waiting for the covers to be pulled up around them. She closed her eyes, a soft "Sleep tight" lingering at the edges of sleep, leaving something silently solid resolutely unexamined in a corner.


wiseling said...

Comforters don't always live up to their names...

well written.. i like :)

maybe somewhere 'lonely girl' dreams of this one and finds comfort in her happiness and the fact that it may exist and be attainable... who knows?

and, oh.. i call 'first.' :)

Revealed said...

Aah! Another insomniac i apprehend :P

I like the idea :) of the other girl taking comfort i mean

(N temme about the comforter misnomer!! It's cruel to mislead ppl tat way!)

Inspissated Gloom said...

Very well written indeed, Flaffy!
But how can anyone find solace by knowing there are certain 'lonely people' (find how the word 'girl' has been replaced by 'people') in the world just as despondent as our leading lady?
A smack of sadism I say!

Sunshine said...

2nd, hmm..

Comforter misnomer? :D

wiseling said...

sorry, was refering to one of my earier _whiny_ posts where i pointed out that comforters don't always offer comfort :)

MockTurtle said...

Hey, don't stop there. Part 2 needed.

Revealed said...

@BM: Ty :) Sadism could be a religion :)

@SS: Since wiseling already explained it I'm jst gonna :)

@MT: :)