Friday, April 27

Inter alia 2


"It's hard being a male man"

Hahahahahaha *wipes away tears*. One is compelled to observe that it hath come to this in this the great United States. Cos *obviously* he's referring to the fact that he's *completely* male and has *never* ever been anything else or even *considered* drag/sex change.

The new era of social introductions:
"Hi, I'm XYZ, a female man. How dya do?"
*insert little old grey-haired, black-bulging-bag toting lady complete with bun and monocles*
"Oh, how nice. So you *were* female and became male or you just swing both ways depending on the mood?"

Just remember you heard it here first.

PS: I might be a *tad* sleep-deprived.
PPS: Tags will resume soon. Sigh. Unless I'm killed by conversation strings that wrap themselves around my neck and strangulate me (and I'm actually rooting for that, right about now).


Princess Stefania said...

Do people still wear monocles? I've always wanted to own one.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Oh but it is hard being a *manly male* man no? ;)

I want to be introduced to some female men. With monocles. Ahh, the understated coolness of monocles.

Nath said...

Overheard, you say? Perhaps he was complaining about being a mailman.

No, scratch that. Your way is more amusing.

Revealed said...

@PS: You mean it isn't all the thing anymore? Sheesh. I've lost years of my life in my lab *starts hunting under the tables for her lost years* :). They're pretty neat aren't they?

@punkster: Heh. About as hard as being a femininely female woman I'd say :). Understated coolness indeed! I'm thinking of getting one.

@nath: My way is normally more amusing ;)