Wednesday, April 18

Dedication: To the Commenters of the Blogosphere, Peace be with You

Cursor beguiles blinkingly here-gone-here.
Asking begging hoping. Whitened space needs
definition, outlines to contain it.

Classified: "Emptiness looking for
content. Spelling immaterial, no
punctuation also is ok. One
condition only - must leave behind a
token of presence, of engagement, short
long does not matter. Color - black preferred."

Words wait to happen. Tis their religion,
rebirth. One must not show intolerance.
Beliefs should be upheld. Give life. Comment.


Tabula Rasa said...

wow, nice post!!! ur gr8!!! n visit my blog also.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Revealed said...

@tr: Funny!! This is *not* what they meant by Pay It Forward! :)

@TGFI: You laugh but much angst went into it.


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

I thought I'd be clever here, but that Rasa-cal has been and done that.


Sunshine said...


Cloudy said...

Comment you say, dear poet, but why have you forgotten the sacred Claim?

Claiming first :D

PS: Sorry for not being such a regular here as I used to be! But comment I shall, and claim it too :)

MockTurtle said...

So.. umm.. what's the weather like over there?

Anonymous said...

You deserve a fan-club :)
All in favor of the motion say 'Aye'

Revealed said...

@JAP: S what happens if you miss the Comment Train. Hope we've all learnt a lesson here. :)

@SS: :)

@Cloudy: Hehehe. Sacred Claim indeed :).

PS: Whooo hooo

@mt: The weather's beaaaaautifulllll. Breaks my heart to have to be inside :) (see how we're having dialogue here? ;)

@bm: Tsk! Don't even start with me! After not commenting on the previous like dozen posts! [-(

the wannabe indian punkster said...

But but, I cant think of anything meaningful!

Woe is me (sigh).

Revealed said...

@the punkster: But look around. Dya see *anything* that suggests meaningful works in this space? :)

Anonymous said...

'Not Commented' is not 'Not Read':)

Revealed said...

That makes it better how?

Anonymous said...

Oh! It does make it better!
Just imagine it does and it will! :D