Friday, February 23

Pointlessness Abounds

"Blimey, there are so many different people inhabiting this planet. Tis rather sweet how everyone is unique, and special in their own way."

"Are you kidding me? What are you still 8??"

"And what, might I ask, is that supposed to mean?"

"It's supposed to mean that your attempts to convince yourself that you are an individual rather than another indistinguishable speck in the seething faceless mass that is humanity are laughable and honestly, puerile"

"Well, I say, there's no need to be so dashed rude about it. I was just expressing an opinion. A well founded one, I believe. Haven't you noticed how hardly any two people take the same things away from a book or a movie or a piece of music or a work of art? What do you suppose that is about?"

"I suppose that is about how things that happen to people are different. Not the people themselves."

"Hah! The old 'people are a product of their circumstances' argument. It is a quite outmoded belief. One hears that expressing naive gullible appreciation of every person's uniqueness is all the rage now."

"I, fortunately, do not bow down to the whims of passing fads. I have held this opinion all my life, and will continue to do so till the day I die. Everyone is quite depressingly the same. People from similar backgrounds, and similar lifestyles will 9 out of 10 times come up with very similar responses to the same set of stimuli. The only thing that saves us from eternal boredom and dreariness is that people are normally either out of phase or from different cultures/backgrounds/countries. But the way it's going, we'll soon end up with only two types of people: the Americans and the dregs of the universe."

"You know, old chap, your cynicism does not impress me in anyway whatsoever. You're just seeing this from too broad a perspective. Mostly life is simply about setting the right frame. You, I have had occasion to observe earlier, always use the wide lenses or the microscope. You forget the normal range."

"Oh yeah?! Well, I atleast don't have a godawfully fake British accent. Living a year in that country does not make you a pommie y'know."

"I merely happen to be more sensitive to my environment and the cultures to which I'm exposed, you filthy Philistine."

There should be a law against the voices in my head. At least a Ceiling Act or something. So distracting *sigh*


wiseling said...

but the voices make our otherwise mundane days worthwhile... and the look on others faces when you suddenly start smirking for no reason... or is that just me?
and yeah... you are unique.. just like everyone else :)

Revealed said...

@Wiseling: I think I'm gonna like u veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy much :). I really do. Hehehe. Doncha love the smirking for no reason thing? Like 'oh that's a private joke..haha' sorta thing :D.

wiseling said...

I already know I like you and I haven't even met you! Being new to blogging, I must say it's a rather enriching experience...
An yeah, about the smirking, really, it tends to throw them off.. teehee.. I think I scare people sometimes.. but it's okay cause I know the voices still like me.. they stick around! :P

Confused & Baffled said... sorry i didnt knock before entering. continue the love-fest.

lol. i can see where the voices in your head come from.

Revealed said...

@wiseling: Yeah,voices leaving no problem. Voices shutting up for a while and *just letting me think*, now *that's* a problem :P.

@C&b: Snarkiness from a mere toddler *sigh*. The hurdles I have to cross ;)