Wednesday, February 28

Mother's Milk (Perspective: III)

She stares blankly at the dripping fifty rupee note. She hears appa's voice, "We might be poor but noone can call us thieves". Chikki doesn't have pencils for school. Babbla's so sick he can't stand. Her heart breaking inconsequentially, she tucks the note into her blouse. Honour is perfectly fine, when you can afford it.

Note: Chockie Reviews are a Work In Progress. I haven't abandoned them (yet)


wiseling said...

bahut khoob... every story has more than one outcome and all that, eh? yeah.. i like your angle... :)
i shall email you back shortly, i have work coming out my ears right now. sigh.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

I entirely agree with your take on this situation.


Revealed said...

@wiseling: Ty :). Work coming out of ears must always be dealt with first (cos it's always awkward to do anything when things are coming out of your ears). Tyt.

@JAP: Hehehe. Cynic!

wiseling said...

I think I need to buy earplugs. But then they would just explode, no? :(
I am somewhat back. Expect an email soon-ish. :)

Revealed said...

Unless the plugs are actually earphones connected at the other end to an ipod ;)

wiseling said...

ah, escapism... i see you understand :)