Thursday, September 20

Why I've Been Rolling My Eyes Constantly since I started Grad School

Or Why Are All Grad Students Such Social Retards

Or Is It Just Me or Does Noone Understand Verbal Communication Anymore

Elevator-talk. At its best.

He: Been losing weight? You look kinda scrawny.
(He calls a girl scrawny! Scrawny!Has he ever spoken to a girl? Like ever?)

She (blushing and giggling a little): Yeah, I've lost weight recently.

He: Why's that? You in love? Or something?
(One finally decided he was being funny and one empathized muchly with his family)

She: With you?
(Honestly, I think she was being serious. She sounded serious. And looked a little confused.)

He (baffled pause later): No, no. Umm. Just generally. Like with someone. Else.

She: Umm no.

He (after 10 heartbeats. I counted): Yeah. I was just kidding. Kinda.

Me: You've *gotta* be kidding me! (in my head only. Though maybe I should have said something. Tips on How To Talk to People)


Tabula Rasa said...

pore you. misfit.

Szerelem said...

Aww but thats kind of cute!

Renovatio said...

Social ineptitude can be taken full advantage of, by the bearer. Just use the puppy dog clumsiness.

??! said...

you should taken both their hands and put together, given janam-janam ka aashirwad and then traipsed out.

Revealed said...

@tr: Yeah, I'm beginning to feel like that. Like what was I thinking. I don't even look like I live under a bridge and *obviously* that is the first qualification you have to meet as a grad student.

@szerelem: Woman! Woman! No! Not cute! Horrific is the word you're looking for.

@r: Rrrright. I don't have the advantage of being the bearer. Only the listener. Sides the guy was ok (also kinda cute cept for the fact that his tee and shorts looked like they'd been slept in since the jurassic age). Twas the girl. Eeeks.

@riddler: There you go again. Matchmaking genes you have in your family?

Renovatio said...

Shameless really, I mean they were matching us up a few posts ago, and now, new horizons.

Tabula Rasa said...

i didn't tell you so.

Revealed said...

@r: Yes, shameless they are. Tsk tsk.