Sunday, September 16

This Happiness Shindig

Lying in bed at noon, staring at the ceiling. Last night had started out just fine, trailed into disaster and sometime at 3 in the morning, over kettle-cooked, pulled itself out of the dark hole in which it was languishing. Her feet still ached from dancing. And she hadn't even worn stilettos. She heard the bathroom door close softly and she turned in time to see the crack of light appear under the door. She only realized she was smiling after the smile had spread itself all over her face. This whole happiness thing was a lot easier than people made it out to be. No?


Renovatio said...

Flaffy got a hook up?

??! said...

oi - please to label fiction as such. enough mind-bendingness happens in real world, without need for more online.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Oh! This is fiction? Dammit, for a minute there I was all 'Awww, our little flaffy's gettin' some!'

So yes, in future, please to label.

P.S. BM is MIA. Any clues, people?

Revealed said...

@r: Tsk tsk. Jump to conclusions, why doncha.

@??!: Don't understand why you guys dont get that most of the stuff on this blog's fiction. Fiction, fiction! Fiction makes the world go round!!!

@CS: See above!

Also, I believe BM's left the building. Sigh.

Renovatio said...

Not conclusions, as much as hope and well wishes perhaps, I mean at least someone's getting some right? Mental and emotional stimulation I mean, of course.

Renovatio said...

Oh and there is chagrin. At least there was when I started out.

Revealed said...

@r: Awwww. Zank you. But you can rest assured that *someone* is *always* getting some. Emotional and mental stimulation I mean.

Where did it go off to after? Trust that damn chagrin! Wanders off in the middle of your blog career. Tsk.

Renovatio said...

We ought to get together and get some together sometime then.
Mental and emotional stimulation, that is. Of course.

Tabula Rasa said...

wah, kya line mara! jio beta, jio.

*nods approvingly

Chronicus Skepticus said...

I second TR!

*waves (imaginary) wads of money around both the young things' heads*

*wipes away emoshnull tear*

??! said...

oh do get together. then flaffy can sing "lambuji lambuji", and ren can reply with...oh you know the rest.

Revealed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Revealed said...

@r: I'm always up for some emotional and mental stimulation. (Cos y'know a PhD isn't stimulation enough). But we'll have to take this offline, baba. All these old people lurking on the blog and being dramatic and maarofying dialogues.

@cs: How about shoving some of that money into my hands, huh? Waving it, it seems. Sadism, I tell ya!

@riddler: I wouldn't hold my breath. Sing lambuji, she sez! Chi chi.

Renovatio said...

I actually didn't get the lambuji bit. But yes, creepy it is, the catcalls from tr and company going Ah ha, Renovatio meri jaan! et al. Oh and let them wave all the imaginary money they want. Hmph. Cheap.

Revealed said...

I didn't get the lambu ji bit. But it sounded definitely cheesy *glares at ?!!*. Had to take a stand against it.

Jaan also would have been ok. Beta????!!!

Renovatio said...

He just likes to tell himself he's older than he really is. All the sooner to sit by the fireplace with the mutt at his feet smoking a pipe* eh?

*TR would be the one smoking the pipe, not the mutt, mind you.

Tabula Rasa said...

nice. i like the way you guys are bonding over this.

bring on the pipes i say. and the pipers from the jai bharat band.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

@ Revealed: Child, child, I *did* say the money was imaginary, yes? Then whither the sadism?

All I'm sayin' is mera aashirwaad tumhaare saath hai, mere laal! (Heh. I've always wanted to use that one somewhere)

@ Ren: It's the thought that counts, or at least it did back in my day.


Children these days, I tell you.

??! said...

children, children. didn't ren say he's some inches over 6 feet? hence the lambuji. there will be much craning of necks, one foresees.

Revealed said...

*looks around for the children,, which species the floor is apparently teeming with*

@tr: I could bond over a ten foot wall. Very bonding, I am.

@CS: Which is ten times more sadistic than waving real money (cos at least then I'd have a chance to try and grab some).

@r: I can see the pipe thing. Very clearly :)

@riddler: Hahaha. Good one. *rolls her eyes*