Tuesday, September 25

This, that and the Rest of It

Some things are facts of life. Like butterflies flap their wings. Fact of life. Or there's always something you've been dying to see on TV the day before an exam for which you haven't studied a whit. Fact of life. Or every time you think you can trust someone, you'll have it hammered home again that you really can't. Fact of life. (Just kidding, y'guys. Thought I'd be all un-flaffy and scare you folks :D). The sky always seems bluer on days when you have to stay stuck in a lab somewhere killing mice. Fact of life. Yes?

But some things just aren't facts of life. Education is necessary is not a fact of life. Nuh-uh. Not even close. Guys are assholes isn't one either. Yeah, I know. That one sounds like a fact of life. But it isn't. Really. (Or so they tell me.) Time heals everything. Not a fact of life. Fallacy. Big one. Women aren't bitches to work for, especially when you yourself are a woman. Even bigger. Saying you're sorry isn't worth jack-shit. That is so not true, people. It's worth a lot. I love apologizing (that sounds weird but it isn't really).

Thing is, learntwas reminded of a big fact of life today. The Y chromosome's dying, dudes. You gotta get your act together. Otherwise, we're thinking a world without men.

Pretty cool, no?


Chronicus Skepticus said...

"Women aren't bitches to work for, especially when you yourself are a woman...

I *hate* that it's (almost always) true. I think it's all the unaccustomed power that comes with the pos. Bitches.

But I too was boss once, and I can confidently say that I was NOT hell to work with. Definitely not.

P.S. Actually the one about time is true. The only question is how long YOU can last.

wiseling said...

Time may not heal all wounds, but it probably will wound all heels.. :)

??! said...

oh wiseling, thou art most profound. but lest you forget, time also hounds all wheels.

Renovatio said...

And mother nature frowns upon seals.

Alright, that was horrible, I know

Ya know, a world without men would suck. It's nice to have other men around to be better than ya know -.o

the saint said...

> a world without men.

the last few would have a great time though..

Revealed said...

@CS: Yeah, that's the resolution I'm making. I *won't* be a bitch to work with. Promise to myself :D. And well, not all of us are lasting.

@wiseling: Hahaha. Vairy nice.

@riddler: Never hounded mine. I take a firm stand against such hounding.

@r: Seals, he sez. Goodness, goodness.

Nice theory but the thing is we *aren't* better than them. So they don't even have *that* value :D

@ts: You betcha. Hehe.

Renovatio said...

Oh no darling, I was merely saying I enjoy being better than most of them... you need to catch on more quickly :p

Well Heeled said...

Time does help. If its on your side.

Lol @ wiseling

Revealed said...

@r: One was merely being polite. One meant you, when one said we ;).

And darling-scharling is all fine but where are the DMB, one wonders. All talk and no action, guys these days. Tsk.

@heeled: See all those ifs and buts? That makes it a not-a-fact-of-life :D.

Renovatio said...

Ah, and here I thought you'd mistaken me and were talking about womankind.

All that DMB's sitting in a nice little folder, for want a of a way to send it to you. I should've asked earlier. Where shall I address it?

Revealed said...

Mail me, mail me: sflaffs@gmail.com

Renovatio said...

Yes ma'am.

Anonymous said...

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