Wednesday, December 20

Riding With Strangers

Don't you love sitting on the bus, surrounded by strangers, and just drifting off into this limbo, cos just for a while you don't have to rush around or make any immediate decisions, or talk to anyone or do anything! You can sit there in your seat and space out, gather wool, think anything (as the Five for Fighting guy exhorts). I've been missing out on that for a while now (cos of the Current Obsession, viz. Dawkins). But this morning, I closed the book firmly (which made quite a thump, cos its a hard cover) and just sat like a lump the whole way into work. Such fun! And y'know how you tend to think in third person (at least I hope you do!)? Lately I've realised that I'm framing sentences in my head like they were meant for an audience. The wicked ways of blogging, I presume. *Sigh*.


Cloudy said...

And again! Obi...Ha!

(This is a claim to First posish)

Revealed said...

Congratulations are in order, I suspect

maya said...

talking of sharing any trip with strangers ,my dad a photographer by profession,wld always ask me to guess relationship bet fellow passengers..once he even went and asked a man in his 40s if the lady next to him was his daughter
..she turned out to be his wife!!!:p

Revealed said...

@maya: hehe. good one.