Wednesday, December 20


I'm completely embarrassed to admit that I've caught myself quite a few times trying to hide the Title Page of The God Delusion. It seems to attract really weird (And sometimes downright accusatory) looks! Especially I suppose cos its the holiday season (and what is it about the holidays? People are actually being nice!) and the book seems quite paganish I suppose. Still, leaves a bad taste in my mouth, such an unworthy impulse as it is to pretend I'm not reading a book called TGD. Its like when you're out with a friend and he/she does something totally far-out and you just sorta edge away and pretend you don't know her, whistling nonchalantly under your breath. I caught myself almost doing it with the book. Much shame comes.


Cloudy said...

Hehe I did the same thing with a racy novel (either Sheldon or Folett, don't remember which, but lots of explicit stuff) when I was 16 and the bus was filled with venerable old people!

Ha to Obi again!

(that was a claim to first posish)

Revealed said...

Venerable old people, huh? Heh!