Thursday, December 21

The Deed is Done

Finally, finished The Book! Yayyy! My verdict: He simply hasn't proved what he set out to prove. And for a scientist of his calibre, its disappointing. But worth a read, if only for the ease of his language and his truly interesting sense of humor. Some people just have it in them to write oh-so-comfortably. Reading them is a pleasure cos there are no false notes, no abrupt sentences, no hard to follow and tangled up arguments, no jarring words that don't fit in. Agatha Christie never had it, but Dawkins does, in oodles at that. Such is life.


Sunshine said...

I have no idea abt this guy who writes so well, but if you say he's got it, he's got it :-)

And I'm first! :-)

Revealed said...

@SS: hehe. Its Dawkins. I like him but not his latest book. N i seem to keep getting into arguments with people about it *sigh*