Tuesday, May 15

To The Next Big O *clink*

My folks have this strange way of making every little thing a celebration. You come back home and tell them that you walked three blocks from school and you did it in 40 minutes and the next thing you know there's a celebratory dinner and you're surrounded by a bunch of people - a good mix of those you know well and want to be around, those you can't stand and want to be away from and those you just plain don't know. And everyone packs into the car and chugs away to some fancypants restaurant and stuffs their faces while glowering at the people they recognise as the ones they don't like. That's how we are. So, in that fine tradition (what with it being in the vicinity of Mother's day), I'm having a celebratory aperitif-post on this blog. Because this, blog peepuls is my ninety ninth post. Yesh, yesh the big nine nine. Ninety-nine is a good number to celebrate one feels. I always wanted 99 to be a 100 (especially when Dravid was batting). Because if 99 was 100, then there'd be no pressure when you got to a 100, which would mean that you'd get to a 100 ok (course that is if you made it past 99).

My long term plan with respect to the whole celebration thing is to keep decreasing the Achievement Number by one. So the next celebratory aperitif post will be at 198 and then 297 and so on. See? Until finally a celebratory aperitif post will end in a zero at which point there will be a proper IRL celebration (drinks on me and all) and *all* my bleaders are welcome to attend :D. All of you. Yes, yes, *even* you (though you meanly decided to hold a summit meeting of the Passive Compassionists without me! Hmmph). You shall all come drink with me :D. On that day. Leaving you with that cheerful thought, I shall make my dignified exit (Ninetyniners have to be dignified. That is the code by which we live our lives).

Psst, for those sticklers who will now proceed to point out that there *is* no aperitif and they feel cheated, I would like to remind them (gently) that I said aperitif *post*. Which simply means that the post will make you feel lightheaded, dizzy, mildly confused and bewildered and ready to eat something. Feeling hungry now, aren't you? That's always the sign of a good aperitif post. *nods in satisfaction and continues dignified exit*

Update: What the professor wants, the professor gets.

Update 2: What ph wants, ph gets. *Sigh*. This is sheer pandering now. But what the heck. If not on the 99th post, when?

Update3: JAP's request honored (above and beyond the call of duty one feels).

Szerelem, this for you :D, with lotsa love and all that

And finally Bailey..tada... cept couldn't find one of him on the rocks


Sunshine said...

First!! :D

Aperitif, huh? The meal will be served with the 100th post? No.. 0th, if I read you right :-)

Chronicus Skepticus said...

99 posts? I *honestly* have no idea how you do it. My blog's almost two now and I've just *managed* to crawl past the 80 line.

But hey! Here's to prolific poster-girls!

Tabula Rasa said...

what, no red balloons?

Revealed said...

@SS: Yeah the ...0th ;). Only liquid meal then also, though. Just so we're clear :D

@CS: I've always prized quantity over quality. So much easier, no?
And yeah, to poster-girls, prolific and otherwise :D

@tr: Only for you.

Ph said...

I want cake!

Tabula Rasa said...

achtung! wunderbar!

Szerelem said...

Heee.......congratulations et al.
(Ummm since you were the one to make it a celebration anyway :P)

Here's to many more posts!!
I demand champagne!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

You do requests?!

Sangria for me, please?


??! said...

eh, since everyone's piling on, can I pliss to be boarding the wagon?
One would like a baileys-on-le-rocks. Actually, make that two.

Anonymous said...

pandering? :O
pick me, pick me!!

Brown Magic said...

well, if pandering is on the menu, I'd like more tales of the Red Choli Wali. It should be a regular feature. Red Choli Wali should grow as a person. none of that dupatta wringing.

Also, if this is the june thing you are pouting about, it is not an official summit at all. Our official summit can be whenever you can make it to the east coast and by that I mean NY/DC. No amount of cheese will get me to Wisconsin.

Revealed said...

@ph: Done :D

@tr: Thankoo.

@szerelem: Many more, yeah :D.

@JAP: I adore sangria. So a special request fulfiller for you :D

@??!: Only one could I find and that not on the rocks. Sigh. Such is life?

@anon: It is generalized shameless pandering. You will be picked if you ask for something!

@bm: Yours is a hard one to fulfill!!! So I have left it for the time being. We, Revealeds are famous for just not doing things when they're too hard :D.

Ooooh and yayyyy for official summit meeting. And also whoo hooo.

Brown Magic said...

everyone else gets pandered to but me? i am most upset. i'll be in the Roothi Rani Ka Mahal, awaiting appeasement,

Revealed said...

You will get yours, woman, I promise! And the word of the Revealeds is a matter of great pride. And honor. And things like that.

Szerelem said...

Hee....I love that song :D

??! said...

ahh...merci. and touche.

Anonymous said...

generalized pandering?
no pun intended at all?

Tabula Rasa said...

speaking of east coast, i'll be in nyc with time possibly to kill all day saturday june 2. just in case anyone was planning to stay away.

Revealed said...

@szerelem: Was even odds you would :D

@??!: :)))))))))))))))

@anony: Thwack indeed.

@tr: Awwwww. Everyone goes everywhere where I'm either not or where there is no way I can be (seeing as I will be vacationing in a different country at that point- yippeee). Is this all like some large scale conspiracy?? Huh???

But peepul, just so you know you *cannot* have the official summit without me! (even if I'm neither the prez nor the honorary judger)