Tuesday, May 8

I wouldn't exchange places with it

There's a HEB plastic bag waiting to cross the road with me. It bobs politely by my side, patiently waiting for the lights to change and then crosses. I watch it climb higher, rolling onto its back. A break for the sun is what it's attempting. Yayy, bag. I worry about it, though. Remember Icarus?


Cloudy said...

Whoooooo first.

:) Never thought anyone could make a plastic bag sound so... real?

Revealed said...

You should have seen it. It really *did* wait to cross the road. Intelligent life form, obviously.

Brown Magic said...

How very last scene of American Beauty of you.

which of course makes me think of the Family guy episode that mocked it.

Then I chuckle.

Revealed said...

Tsk, tsk not at all. Did not inspire any feelings of beauty in me. Just mild worry.

Reminded me of the first scene in You've Got Mail, though, funnily enough!

(Least it made you chuckle!)