Monday, May 7

If I'd had coffee I'd have thrown it in her face. Sometimes I scare myself.

She 1: If only I didn't have such a big butt, y'know what I mean? I'd be able to wear a much smaller size. Though, y'know even now it's only a size 8. So, it isn't that bad, y'know what I mean?

She 2: You don't have a big butt! It's worse being me. I have no butt to speak of.

She 1: *I* think I have a big butt. I never used to have one this big, y'know what I mean? It's only since I started dating Ian. We eat so much, y'know what I mean?

She 2: Yeah, I know how that feels. It's no use just you being on a diet if he's pigging out all the time.

She 1: Yeah, but I'm totally going to stick to this regimen, y'know what I mean? Like those ads on tv. Lose two dress sizes in 2 weeks, y'know what I mean?

She 2: Haha. Those adverts are just crazy.

She 1: They remind me of my bro. He's an exercise nazi, y'know what I mean? That's why I never work out with him. I just say leave me alone, y'know what I mean?

She 3 (standing up from her seat in the row in front of them suddenly): Yes, yes, woman!!!!! She knows what you mean!!!!! We *all* know what you mean! For pity's sake STOP SAYING THAT!!!

*exit bus right*

Some verbal habits are so annoying I feel like shaking the speaker in an attempt to make them stop talking. Especially on Monday mornings.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to comment which
a) Many would undoubtedly think of posting
b) you would have expected your readers to post on the lines of

We know what you mean,if you know what I mean?

Nath said...

I used to have a teacher who ended every other sentence with the phrase 'like that one'. It's amusing for a while, but sooner or later it starts to make one's ears bleed. Y'know what I mean, like that one?

Anonymous said...

why all the butting? you shud have just head-butted them, like that one, if you know what i mean!

??! said...

ahh, yes.

just like 'actually', 'basically', and 'oh my god' (especially irritating coming from self-avowed atheists).

Revealed said...

@anon: Gah! Knew it!

@nath: Hahahaha :). It didn't amuse me at all. *At all*.

@anon2: Tsk tsk. We are not into such clumsy activities.

@??!: See, you understand.

Cloudy said...
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Cloudy said...

My vote goes to 'per se'. Hate hate hate. Especially when accompanied by raised eyebrows

Revealed said...

@cloudy: Hahahaha. Per se is a rotten phrase isn't it? But I *adore* raised eyebrows. I *do* raised eyebrows. All the time. It's an art form!

Cloudy said...

Oh yes, raised eyebrows by themselves are great, just not in combination with per se! :)

Revealed said...

A-ha! I see the fine distinction :)