Wednesday, May 2

Happy Feet

She painted her toenails last night. Pale, pale, pale pink. So pale that it looks like silver with all the grey bleached out of it. You wouldn't notice if it didn't catch the light now and then. She lotioned her feet, admiring their inherent pinkness. Aloe for extra moisture and then wrapped up safely in socks. She went to bed, comfortably aware of her soft, babied feet. Work, the next day, in borderline uncomfortable heels, closed toes, stockings. A quick run in the evening (it was a beautiful day), cotton socks, clunky keds. A walk around to her neighbour's for a chat and a cup of tea (hadn't seen him in a while), stuffy little black slip-ons from NY&C. But all day, underneath it all, she could feel her feet smiling.

It's what's inside that matters.


Anonymous said...

I am probably going to be wrong but in the spirit of inquiry one asks :

1) Are you actually a penguin who has learnt to type gibbe..err..stuff?

2)Was there a "deeper meaning" behind painting the toes and then tucking it in socks? One likes to it because it is "what's inside that matters"?

3) Did the feet smile because
a) it smelt something
funny between it?
b) a sardonic smile because it was forced to 'toe' the line?
c) Because it was forced to paint itself to a corner?
d) was it smirking because "lo!" it was "shunned" by you?

4) Do you think it is time I got a life?

Cloudy said...

Definitely it is :)

And definitely I am - First :D

Revealed said...

@tmwwt: The spirit of inquiry is always rewarded within this hallowed space. So,

1. No, I think I can confirm that I am *not* in fact a penguin though I am an excellent gibbe..err...stuff typer.

2. No, there wasn't. But what an original thought. We are impressed (the Academy of Gibbe..err..stuff has just asked us for your name and address, being mightily impressed by this example of your very obvious talent)

3. None of the above.

4. Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes.

@cloudy: Welcome back :)

Anonymous said... have quite a smörgåsbord of blog reading regulars eh?It is amazing how same post invokes extreme reactions...on the other hand guess such is life!

But I wont let this go without a fight...
I was first! first! No amount of cloudy or sunshine is going to err..steal my thunder...for want of a better phrase..:p

Anonymous said...

I was kidding about the gibber.. the rare event you got the online world one can never say eh?

Revealed said...

@tmwwt: GO TO SLEEP! :)))))))))))))

Yes, it is in fact as you said amazing. And also, as you very astutely pointed out such is life. But you should know that claiming trumps all. And you didn't claim, so your thunder is officially stolen.

In the rare event I get offended he sez. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

..also not really sure you got the penguin reference..that was with reference to your title...

From now on am going to switch to "sub title" comments rather than "subtle" comments..

And is a sad world indeed where there is no appreciation for puns :| I might as well go and paint my toe nails...

Anonymous said...

ok ok I am off then...both to sleep and to get a life...and all I wanted to give was a different perspective..*sob * *sob *

p.s. : Just couple of questions..
1) Do you start from the toe or the little one whatever-it-called?
2) Right leg or left leg? Top down or bottoms up? I want atleast my toes to be happy...while I try to leg it..

Revealed said...

@tmwwt: Hahahaha. News Flash: I'm not a complete idiot. I know what my title signifies. Sheesh! I appreciated your sub-title puns muchly. Overcome by appreciation in fact. And painting toenails is fun. You should go right ahead and do it ;)

1. I start from the big toe cos it's the most fun.

2. Always left foot but the rest of your questions appear suited for the blues in the last post and not this one. So I shall primly desisit from answering them.

Ph said...

One is having a moment of, me too, me too. Muchly happy my feet are. Pedicure and silvery nail color.

Princess Stefania said...

I like experimenting. Stripes in yellows and greens, my school colours, happy faces in pink, red and white hearts, purple stars, orange squiggles or just a simple 'all-colours-of-the-rainbow-smudged onto-one-toe' style.

Toe Art is funfunfun!

Revealed said...

@ph: Awwww. Hope they realize they're blessed :)

@ps: Isn't it just?!! Have you done the rainbow across the toes one? Oh and once I did shades of blue. One for each toe. It was ummm stunning to say the least :D