Tuesday, January 30

Dark Room

I walk in. The darkness blinds me, and he shuts the door on me with finality. A frantic impulse to turn around and hammer at the door, plead to be let out. "It isn't locked", I remind myself. Shut in with my own thoughts. A situation to avoid at all costs, normally. But sometimes inescapable. Who was that who had said 'To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong love affair'? He must have been an exceptionally nice person. I fumble for the light switch. Momentary panic, and then the flooding relief of the familiar switch against my fingertips. Red light gently washes over me. So gentle that I can hardly discern the menacing outlines populating the room. I still an overwhelming impulse to whip around and confront the stranger breathing down my neck. "There is noone else here", I whisper reassuringly under my breath. Willing myself to stop chasing shadows, an atavistic impulse at best. I reach for the familiar satin. Black, of course. I can hardly see it. But the touch brings back reality. The solid rectangle reminds me of my purpose, of the world on the other side of the door. Light, people (even the annoying ones), chatter. The darkness changes. It lifts off my eyes. It gives me back some space, generously. Claustrophobia recedes. I hear myself hum a tune. I roll up my sleeves and get to work. The darkness whispers in my ear. It is my friend. I smile.


Anonymous said...

That was 'developing' into a really nice story.

Revealed said...

@mt: Hehehehe. Good one :)

Anonymous said...

'To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong love affair'?

Well not really sure whether he was an "exceptionally nice person" but he was considered to be "happy" and "gay".

Just saying...

Anyway did anyone get "exposed"?
Will you throw some light on the piece?

Revealed said...

@tmwwt: I see I'm gonna be deluged in dark room jokes! :). And you never ever throw light on the piece, doncha know? A certain something called over exposure.

(I didn't know Wilde was happy! Thought he was pretty smug, but not happy. Not that I thought he was sad either. Just didn't know he was happy)

maya said...

Rvld: oscar also said "a man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her"...i 1der why???is it irish s of humor or he was being "earnest!!"??? :)))

Revealed said...

@maya: Neither I believe :P. The poor man was simply stating the truth.

*shakes head sadly at the fact that all her blog readers are apparently better read than her, wittier and definitely masters at punning*

Anonymous said...

Well maybe Wilde did say "A man can be happy with any woman as long as he did not love her" but what he also said but wasnt recorded due to the Victorian prudery of his times was
"A man can be gay with any man as long as he makes love to him "

ok ok maybe not exactly Oscar Wilde worthy bon mot but hey lets leave the poor err..dead guy alone. All gay jokes that could be possible be made with Wilde has been made.
And some more.
Ever checked this out?


@revealed :
*shakes head sadly at the fact that all her blog readers are apparently better read than her, wittier and definitely masters at punning*

oh well what does one say except
Only the shallow know themselves!

and perhaps..
Nowadays we are all of us so hard up that the only pleasant things to pay are compliments. They're the only things we can pay.

Anyway let us not open the pundora's box with our punoaramic view shall we?

Anonymous said...

also this one if you can skip the cringe-worthy ones..amidst mostly crap quotes there are some real gems..

Revealed said...

@tmwwt: I knew he was considered "gay", twas the "happy" bit that caught me unawares. Hehehe.

*shakes head sadly at people misinterpreting her attempts at tongue-in-cheek sarcasm as complimentary, and then brightens up as she thinks of that other excellent Wilde quote on how one must always be completely candid when one has something unpleasant to say, and so thinks of all the unpleasant things she could say and sniggers in quiet enjoyment of her own (shallow or otherwise) wit and humor*

Haven't ever been there, but will check it out pronto, having time at my disposal and all.

(I'm not even going to *start* on your pundora's box!)

Anonymous said...

*sighs equally in contemplation that it was more 'sarchasm' than sarcasm...and the readers are equally aware of their own "intelligence" ( as an aside read Scot Adam's latest blog posts http://dilbertblog.typepad.com/ ) and somewhere up there/down there there was a many a "miss" between the cup and the lip...*

Revealed said...

Dunno about the Adams one. I would say the illusion of free will is an extremely essential part of being intelligent. Or am I just kidding myself? Did the Big Bang have an illusion of Free Will?

(Slip between the cup and the lip, indeed! Tsk!)

Anonymous said...

mmm...it is difficult to answer that question without knowing what exactly you mean by "free will".
Also asking whether Big Bang had an illusion of having free will is like asking what color of the week is Sunday.

p.s. I sense another deviation from the blog title..shall we resist? ( please dont quote the I can resist anything but temptation quote )
p.p.s. is your 'tsk' equivalent to "tut! tut!" ? You really need to explain when you swallow vowels you know...

Revealed said...

But sir, tis one thing to be tempted and another thing to fall. Hehehe. I tried to think of another Wilde one, but I couldn't (cept for the single man quote which made absolutely no sense however I tried to paraphrase it, hehehe). Tsk can be tut tut. But I won't be held down to it [-(.