Monday, January 8


As I warned you guys, this blog is going to become an extremely serious one. You might have thought to yourselves "Heh! How could she possibly come up with serious stuff" and laughed lightly at my claim. But now you will know that I meant it in all earnestness. As Dumbledore wisely said, "These are dark and desperate times." At least I think he said it, and if he didn't one feels he ought to have!

Under normal conditions of pressure and temperature,
Me = Happy

Me + Being Liked = Happy + Happy = 2 (Happy)

Me + Being Liked + Associated Paranoia (Generally-Being-Freaked-Out-ness) = 2(Happy) - Vague Unease = (2-n*)Happy

Me + Being Liked + AP (G-B-F-O) + Long Conversations with Best Buds About Source of AP = (2-n*) (Happy) + n*(Relief)

Me - Being Liked = Infinitely Happy?

* Where n is a function of the extent of being liked divided by the strength of associated paranoia

And Ramesh sir thought I never paid attention in Chemistry classes. Hmmph.


Cloudy said...


Apparently we have very differnt ideas on what constitutes 'serious'. Or maybe I'm just not equipped with the serious gene (or whatever... can't take chances talking genes with a geneticist)


Revealed said...

'Or maybe I'm just not equipped with the serious gene'.

Apparently I also lack this gene. I shall strive to identify the exact locus and figure out a means of curing this grave lack in the both of us. Have faith :D.

Anonymous said...

I think you should be teaching in Ramesh sir's place.
Nice one.

Revealed said...

@MT: thank you muchly :D

Anonymous said...

you learnt that in chem class?
:D don't worry so much!

Revealed said...

@n: Heh! Uncomfortably aware that you know what I'm talking about :P.

Obi Wan said...

I haven't understood how you arrived at the end result. Yeh Me-Being Liked kahaan se aa gaya?

Anonymous said...

does it mean u r happy now :? it all went way above my head!

Revealed said...

@Obi: See, this is just the sort of question that Ramesh sir used to ask me, to which I'd goggle at him (cos I had no answer), which in turn led him to believe that I did not pay attention in Chemistry class.

Would it cut it if I said it came from my heart? :P

@Maya: Went above mine too. That's the secret of happiness ;)