Saturday, November 17

Theory Flash

As y'all are well aware, I hate being controversial. But still. Theories have to be given their turn in the spotlight. So.

Two things men think with: one, everyone knows, well established fact and whatnot. Two, their feet. This is why (one figures) men don't normally think about much when they run (except hot chicks if they see any - which further proves theory and acts as corollary). And this is also why, conversely, women think a lot when they run. Cos women use only their brains to think.

What dya guys think? Do I have bases covered?


Tabula Rasa said...

define "bases".

Confused & Baffled said...

i think it was a robin williams quote which went something like - men have only two major organs, the brain and the penis. unfortunately, we only have blood enough to run one at a time.

i agree, reluctantly for we have been betrayed from within our ranks here, that this might be true. as for running, yes we do think when we run. especially quickly when we're running after some-thing/one.

of course it might be self-aggrandising and hopeless delusions of ourselves. but we think. and rapidly.

Revealed said...

@tr: Nitrogenously speaking, that would be the backbone of the double helix.

@CnB: OK. Fine. I take your word for it and retract theory.

Tabula Rasa said...

right you are. and all your base is belong to us.

CrazyDiamond said...

"@CnB: OK. Fine. I take your word for it and retract theory."

Sweet. So we win (bases and everything)?

Though I highly suspect the nature of this retraction. We're onto you. And we've stopped running. There.

Revealed said...

@tr, cd: No, no. A true retraction. Don't stop running. Do stop thinking, though. Leave it to those who can ;)