Monday, November 10

Serial Number: 1 - Lines that Ought to Live In..

--> She nestled her nose lustfully in his fragrant armpit hair

--> He leaned over her vulnerable, fragile sleeping face and licked the drool from the corner of her slack mouth, tasting its musky odor gratefully as his quivering member did the Dance of the One-Eyed Snake

As ever, contributions welcome :D


??! said...

Nuh-uh. This will not do. No, sirree. We will not have half-assed comment-contribution attempts in the name of posts, especially - ESPECIALLY - after such a long hiatus.

We asked first, so you write post first. Then, if it doth please our high regard, shall appropriate comments be bestowed upon thee. Verily.

Szerelem said...

okay are those actual lines from books????

Phantasmagoria said...

Oh gross. Ewww.

??! said...

See what I mean? No post. Seven days. QED.

Confused & Baffled said...

Her fingers, long and slender, traced lightly the crevice of his cheeks. One wrong step, she thought, and down I'll go. Into the bottomless pit.

She smiled at his smooth back. And with a sharp stab, dived right in.

Renovatio said...

Just the other day I was wondering if you were alright, alive even. One tends to worry if the little icon next to your name refuses to turn green in about a year.

Drop us a line.

CrazyDiamond said...


Flaffy said...

@the riddler: Dude! I-am-a-grad-student. I-am-very-busy-torturing-mice-to-death. I do my best! *indignant sniff*

@szerelem: They OUGHT to be.

@Ph: What? You think THIS is bad?? Have you read ANY M&B??

@CnB: Wow!!

@Ren: Sorry. See reply to the riddler. Been run off my feet :(

@CD: I shall take that as a compliment.