Wednesday, October 3


She thought about it carefully. This was a delicate proposition at best. She would have to choose just the right words. Words that would convey exactly what she was thinking. Neither too heavy nor too light. There was a balance that they would have to strike. Her words, like little iron weights, hexagons with numbers written on them. Tricky devils. With their shaded nuances and their tonal leanings. She would make it perfect this time, though. Make it all okay. Make the sadness evaporate. Like magic. She just had to figure out what the right words were.

She settled for a hug.

This should have been a big, long, Flaffy-ishtyle theory post but couldn't drum up the energy. Soon to come, though.


??! said...

It's hugggggggytime!

Revealed said...

Group hug, everyone.

Oh wait. There's just you and me.

??! said...

yeh. notice the lack of commenters recently? blogland is becoming tres quiet no?