Tuesday, October 16

Flotsam and Jetsam

For future reference, you guys, (at least till the end of this month) all these weird chroniclets are from the 24 hour challenges. So pliss not to worry. No I'm not homesick. Or crying in my pillow. Or jet lagged. Or in desperate need of credit cards. Oh wait, I am actually. If anyone has a spare credit card with lots of credit in it, pass it along. I will be discreet. And only use it to get really expensive Bandolinos (violet with the pointiest beautifullest heels) that are at half price now and may not be for much longer. So pliss to contribute. Be generous. God will Reward.

"It's just that I have a niggling fear", he had said conversationally, "that it'll hurt like the devil". All she could tell the cops when they came around was that she hadn't expected him to pull out the gun and shoot himself in the head. "Do you think it hurt?" she kept asking the investigating officer. She seemed distraught. The officer figured it was because her husband had died a pauper. Noone likes inheriting massive debt. Human nature.

The challenge words were niggling fear in that order consecutively


Pri said...

shut up!!! i love bandolino. lets go pay them a visit. the nice lady at the store even recommends good indian restaurants to try if you're new in town.

??! said...

eh - you two are in same city, aren't you? so how come no blogmeets?

Revealed said...

@pri: Ooooh and the lady deigns to comment. Honored, I am. And you should come to me no for Indian restaurant recos. Tsk tsk.

@the riddler: Cos some bloggers are rather high in the instep. (we mean pri when we say some bloggers)