Friday, July 27

In Which Cheering Up BM Continues to be the Driving Force of this Story

KSA sat next to his sister, in front of the fireplace. She was dozing off, after a meal of wada pav, fish-and-chips and french toast with chocolate spread. "Dyspepsia, engorged, gargantuan, visceral...", she muttered. KSA sighed. He hated to wake her up (mainly because of her propensity to come up with theories he couldn't understand head or tail of) but some things Had to Be Done. And this was one of them.

"??!", he said, pronouncing her name with just the right degree of incredulous astonishment (she wouldn't respond otherwise). "Huh?", she woke up with a start, looking around. She noticed her idiot brother gawping at her and rubbing the last vestiges of apple-and-rhubarb-strudel-just-like-her-mum-used-to-make-it pipe dreams from her eyes, she looked at him questioningly. "What is it, now? Let me guess. You couldn't help make that Rowling woman's attempt at writing any better again? That job is just too hard for you. I should probably take it on.Has she already printed out copies?" "Wha-?", stammered KSA. "I only wanted to ask you if I could umm...err...y'know..ahem", he bleated.

"Cough it up, you dolt. What dya need to do?", really, she couldn't believe KSA! Waking her up from her nap (tearing her away from contemplations of Belgian waffles. With Honey. And Cream) just to blither away at her. "Well..would it be against the contract if I went back to the last d-i-d?", he mumbled, almost under his breath. "What?! Why would you want to go back? You mean the chick in the Aston? Oh and that really nice looking, Sean Connery look-alike old gent?", she allowed herself a smile. So rare to meet helpful folk during her missions. "Why would you want to go back?", she was curious now. Could it be? Had her brother finally.....she couldn't believe it. He turned a slow, tomato-red under her intent gaze. She started chuckling. "Which one of them?", she asked him in between chortles. "The one in the Bentley. With the nice man you liked.", he mumbled even more under his breath. "Nice, nice", she approved in her best elder-sister voice. She rubbed her hands together, "Let's get to work then. We need to find out where they are, don't we?".

Whirrrr.Too many cooks are better than one in the bush. Forewarned is forespawned. Tis better to have loafed and lost than never to have loafed at all. So think wisely and as well as possible. Depending on how deep it is. The well, that is. Half a loaf, as they say, is enough for dinner. Whirrrr.

KSA looked up with startled attention. "Tch", said ??! irritably. The damn 55-er Oracle spewing out gobbledy-gook again. She didn't know why she even listened to it anymore. "Do shut up", she snapped in its direction and continued looking into the crystal ball. But KSA couldn't help thinking about it. Half a loaf was, after all, enough for dinner. As long as one wasn't ??!.


Tabula Rasa said...

the plot thickens.

which is quite a feat considering it's been off the boil for a while.

??! said...

oh, too good. brilliant. cutting-edge and all that. one could not have asked for a better intro. mwah, mwah!

Ph said...

That might have been a nice looking, Sean Connery look-alike old gent but he is also a Grouch. Just so you folks remember.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

You're at it AGAIN?
Cease and desist!


Revealed said...

@tr: I know! Had to bring it back kicking and screaming.

@??!: Thankoo thankoo.

@ph: I hear ya, sistah.

@jap: I will not, sir. Dya want to take it outside?

Brown Magic said...

@revealed and J.A.P. - fight! fight! fight!

I got 10 bucks on the tiny MGG. who wants that action?

wiseling said...

hahah... love it.. pliss to continue.. btw, do i get a feature as well? One is feeling rather left out. (one will plead if one must.)

Chronicus Skepticus said...

BM: Well, you can hand over those ten bucks right now. I've *met* JAP - she wouldn't last ten seconds against him.

(I love you MGG, but I love money more!)

Brown Magic said...

tsk, CS - it is a well known fact that tiny MGGs are not only feisty (which goes without saying), but also prone to fighting dirty.

??! said...

yeh, she can confuse Jappyda with random coelho and tomato-ketchup comments, and then sock him one while he's working them out.

Revealed said...

@bm: Awww. But I'm touched. And not at all amazed by your insight into my soul. We are after all the same person.

@wiseling: Tsk tsk you have but to ask once. You shall enter (or you might already be in there ;).

@CS: Play and lose, woman. I'd *so* win this one.

@??!: Hehehehehe. I'm *always* willing to explain my thought process. At least whenever I can follow it myself.

Renovatio said...

Gah, you made me crave pancakes. Now I'll be forced to make them before I go to work tomorrow. Or I could just squeeze the maple syrup thingie in my mouth and fill it with maple syrup. Is it as effective?

Revealed said...

@renovatio: Yeesh! No, baba, when you crave pancakes, *make* pancakes. Shortcuts lead you nowhere. *Trust* me!