Thursday, July 26

Brief Update on What Constitutes a Pain, Flaffily Speaking (Or Missives From the Trenches)

Grad school is a pain.

Orientation is a pain.

Life is dangerously set on the brink of being a pain.

"So much to do, so little time" is a saying coined by someone who was definitely a pain. I can just sense it (I have a theory that most sayings can give a very nice peephole into the character of the coiner but more on that one later).

I'm sorry I haven't blogged more :( since that is one of the few things that right now wouldn't be classified a pain.

BM, pliss to accept the spaces in lieu of words and I promise a brilliant new post as soon as the weekend swings around.


Brown Magic said...

alright Flaffy, off the hook for now. (for now)

Tabula Rasa said...

see i told you she was off being deep and meaningful.

Cloudy said...

Definitely a pain. Not grad school (ok, greener grass and all, but still not a pain), but the coiner of that painful phrase. Do tell more, please? And sooner rather than later would be nice :)

PS: What are you studying?

Revealed said...

@bm: Thankoo thankoo. You are so kindly. And do I see the halo reappearing? Or did you never relinquish it?

@tr: Talking about me is irresistible no? I am muchly flattered.

@cloudy: New post shall be written about coiners of phrases, painful and otherwise. Not only sooner, but right now. Your wish is my command and all that.

Currently, I appear to be enrolled in a crash course of how to take quick naps in the middle of a lecture, how to drown out a speaker's voice most effectively and how to incessantly text people and force them to reply regardless of their inclination at the time.

Brown Magic said...

@tr - you told me? what bull. maheeno se bol rahi hoon that this flaff business is all nonsense - a diversionary tactic to keep us all from her real deep and meaninful business (whatever that is).

Tabula Rasa said...

i *did* tell you. go read the comments on "me-ow".