Tuesday, May 13

Three Months, It's Been. Let's Hear a Rousing Welcome Back Cheer.

A woman went to the super market. She needed a can of soup. Not just any soup but a particular kind. She didn't think she'd be able to find it in just any old super market. She looked first in Aisle 2: Soup, Noodles and Assorted Instant Foods. Not there. She then looked in Aisle 22: Asian Cuisine. Not there either. Last shot, Aisle 14: Canned Food. Not there either. She did a cursory search through the rest of the super market. She couldn't find it. She walked back home, not at all surprised that she'd been right. It happened to her all the time.


Tabula Rasa said...

probably not the right soupermarket, eh? welcome backs.

Surjodeb said...

my dear, it seems she is very particular about what she wants... :)

ps- if it happened to her all the time as u've mentioned, why doesn't she do some surveying and look up the source of that particular type.
(as in, if she knows the same, then she can obtain directly from the suppliers/manufacturers [who would hav stores of plenty] itself... )

here's to a beautiful blogging revival... :)

Revealed said...

@tr: Zank you. I (this is a terrible confession) missed your hideous punning :)

@sdeb: I *would* drink to that but knowing the true extent of my laziness I won't. Welcome to the blog :).

Tabula Rasa said...

it's a pity you didn't miss the classy punning.

*look of aspersion