Thursday, June 14

In Which Wiseling Does her Bit Introducing KSA (if only I had one, sigh)

RCW hummed along with the strange music that BM seemed to prefer. The monotony of the landscape had slowly lulled her into an almost dreamlike state. She was rudely jerked out of her reverie when BM suddenly, and rather forcefully, slammed on the breaks. The silver Mercedes right behind them managed to screech to a halt, but the other cars were not so lucky. RCW turned to BM, demanding to know what the hell possessed her to do that, only to see BM staring straight ahead with her mouth hanging open. RCW followed her gaze to see what the fuss was all about, and unconsciously mirrored BM's incredulous expression.
In the middle of the road stood a magnificent white stallion, the kind you only see in the movies. Distracted by the majestic creature, RCW was jolted once again, when on looking up, she found arresting blue eyes staring into her own. Mounted on the horse was none other than, (surprise, surprise) a knight in shining armour. The wind seemed to be whipping around the pair, all in all making the scene rather cliche and surreal at the same time.
The knight slowly trotted up to RCW and charmingly extended his hand. "Good Evening, M'lady. I, your knight in shining armour, am here to rescue you from the evil clutches of...." At this, he suddenly glanced and BM and looked confused. He retracted his hand to (aristocratically, ofcourse) scratch his head, looking more and more confused.
KSA suddenly got a bright look in his eyes, (y'know.. the light bulb look,) only to slump down and exclaim, "Oh no. Not again!" At this the stallion let out a snort, turned around and began to trot away, all the while muttering about stupid humans who refused to ask for directions.
On this note, BM turned to look questioningly at RCW, and finding nothing to say that could quite fit the situation, shrugged and hit the gas. They drove off, completely oblivious to the destruction that they left in their wake.


Falstaff said...

Oh well, at least he didn't turn into a bowl of petunias. Yet.

??! said...

or a sperm whale.

km said...

I believe RCW been abducted by BM and now suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome.

Confused & Baffled said...

oooh. so its being co-written too. i like i like. go on quick! whats next in the red thingy wali's adventures?

the saint said...

yeah yeah, whats next? quick - the suspense is killing me, i don't even go out anymore - just sit at the screen waiting for the next episode to appear!

Revealed said...

@F: Yet :)

@??!: Yet :)

@km: Tsk tsk. Not even close.

@cnb: Coming shortly. Have a little excursion planned for the weekend but will be back with more :D.

@saint: Heh. Sarcasm passes us by like the idle wind. Just so you know :D. I've got a crackerjack one planned actually. Might even write a part of it before I leave for the weekend.